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First of all you can check out our documentation regarding pathing here:

A good way to think about it is like this, whereever your action is your first ../ gets you OUT of that tag and then any additional ../ moves you up in the heirarchy. So ../../../ is equal to out, up, up. 
Have you tried toggling the setting on an off and then making a fresh build? If this doesn't work I will need to have Paul look into the Studio settings.
It looks like you haven't made a new ad-hoc build for 2 days. Did you change the setting for the status bar more recently than that?
There is no WIRE Code needed. 

The new status bars are transparent (only text appears in black or white) so if you have a 100%x100% background in red for example, the red should show behind the status bar. 

What App ID is this for? 
Also double check that you don't have it sitting on a background that is the same color. The color of the text can be set to white or black. 
Did you save and snapshot the app before making the build? 

I have just confirmed that this is working as expected in both iOS 7 and iOS 8

The solution to this actually was to correct a small bug in how textfields returned breaks. 

What you would need to do is pull in the textfield content to a texttemplate and run a replace eval to turn \n into </br> like this:

<assign property="var:final" value='[eval: "[template:url.content]".replace(/[template:newline.content]/g,"[template:break.content]") ]'/>

<texttemplate name="url"><![CDATA[[var:textfieldcontent]]]></texttemplate>
<texttemplate name="break"><![CDATA[<br/>]]></texttemplate>
<texttemplate name="newline"><![CDATA[\n]]></texttemplate>

The fix that will enable this is on 1.5 Development branch. Hit me up through email and I can move your project to that build if you want to test on it. 

Have you tried pulling the encodedtext rather than regular text?

So you are simply trying to send a multiline textfield's content and send it to Mandrill with breaks intact?
We are already looking into getting it on the roadmap.