New Tutorial posted in Developer Resources

icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago updated by steve 8 years ago 7
We have added a tutorial on creating datasource list objects within WIRE. Check it out within the tutorial section of the App Creation Studio's Developer Resources.

I'm having trouble getting the author field to populate in the list. I noticed that if you look at the feed page that we are using as a datasource, the author isn't actually listed. Does that mean it's not part of the feed?

I tried to call the post date and time instead by replacing "author" with "itemposttime" within the wire and that's not working either (itemposttime is the name of the div tag that my browser uses in reference to the date and time associated with the post.)

Is there something I'm missing?
It looks like this feed changed a little. Instead of "author" it now should be "dc:creator".

Looking at the feed itself (view-source:http://feeds.arstechnica.com/arstechn...) it looks like they define itemposttime as "pubdate".

I will tweak the tutorial. Thanks.
Thanks for that Ian,

Another thing, I'm having trouble with orienting my list horizontally. It is just disappearing as soon as I change it from vertical. Is there any reason you can think why this might be happening?
Are you setting it within the orientation attribute once or are you trying to change it on the fly?
I guess I'm not sure what you mean. I'm changing the list attribute within my main panel -->

can you show me the snippet of code? I was just making sure that you weren't trying to "update" the orientation through the use of an action or anything. This should work like a pager or a tableview, the orientation can be set on the list tag, but can't be changed through an action.
Ok, I have it working now. Something else was wrong but I'm not sure what it was:( Thanks.