Can we simulate the iphone testing with an ipad in fusebox?

Camilo 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 1
Can we simulate the all iphone dimensions with an ipad? In other words, I have an Ipad 1 to test. However, the app that I am building is for iphone only right now.

I thought about putting a style around the container but then iphone 3, 4 and 5 has different pixel resolutions.
The only way to truly test an iPhone app is on an iPhone, you get the true memory capabilities, etc.

however if you build an Ad-Hoc IPA (Apple Developer Account Required) and install it on your ipad, if your App Settings are marked for iPhone only, then the app will load in a iPhone sized panel on the device.

Additionally, If you wanted to replicate this experience within fusebox, you can just create a wrapper panel in WIRE that is a hard pixel value for the dimensions of the iPhone device you are building for. This wrapper should always be at the root of your WIRE and then you can design and run it in that size on the ipad. When you are ready to publish, just remove the wrapper and test with an Ad-Hoc.