Download of non-existent URL?

cahoots 6 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 6 years ago 2
What happens if the download tag references a user supplied URL that is non-existent? Is there a way to catch this scenario and display an alert?
I must have overlooked this question. My apologies. Currently it looks like the download tag will save a blank file with the provided name without any indication that the supplied URL gave nothing of value. 

I will speak with the development team and see what we can do to correct this. 
I have logged a bug report to for this. It appears that the system is storing an empty file if there is no valid content found from the URL. There is no indication that this is happening and [file:] will return a "yes" even if the file is 0 bytes. 

So we will need to add some validation and messaging in the engine to account for this.