Saving an animated sequence of images

G_ologist 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2
Hi everyone, new to coding and new to the community.

Brief intro:
With much copy and paste, thanks to this community and the tutorials, I have the guts of an app that users can doodle on and animate (using canvas and capture tags as well as Adam Jones’ looping example https://getsatisfaction.com/rarewire/... ).

My question:
So I have a series of images created by the user and saved with the name “1-n”.png depending on the number of images that they create, which can animate w/in the app. Is there a way to save this animation as its own animated .gif or capture it as a movie file?

I don’t think it is currently supported by WIRE but if I learn enough JavaScript could I eventually use an eval tag to do it?

I do see some external tools on the internet as well as some apps that can take pictures and turn them into animated .gifs. Maybe my best bet would be to make use of these?

Any advice would be appreciated

You are correct in assuming that WIRE couldn't do this right out of the box, but you could integrate with an API to send the images in sequence to a service that can merge and save the file as a .gif.

I am not sure what services provide APIs for this sort of thing, but that is the route you could need to explore.
Great, thank you for the help. I will dive in and see what I come up with.