Issue with connecting to FTP in Dreamweaver

benjaminbachman 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 9
If anyone could help me I am experiencing troubles with connecting to RareWire via FTP. I am using Dreamweaver to accomplish this. Here are my settings.

When I test the connection it gives me the following error...

Any help would be appreciated.
Try changing your setting to FTPS rather than SFTP. 
I am not sure if it has that...

Choose FTP over SSL/TLS (explict) and that should get you where you need to be. 
Not quite yet... see error

Have you tried FTP over SSL/TLS (implicit)? Every IDE displays that setting a bit differently.
I have and I have not had succes with either.
Try changing your Web URL to https://
Just checking in on this issue. Any luck?
I did not have any luck. I ended up downloading CyberDuck and was able to instantly sign in. Not sure why Dreamweaver would not accomplish this.