Facebook Tutorial Error

benjaminbachman 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

So I worked my way through the Facebook Tutorial that you have provided in your developer Resources.


It is my understanding that this tutorial is out of date as Facebook has updated their developer interface. I think that I have done something wrong on setting up the App ID in Facebook and that is why I am experiencing an error that reads "FacebookAppID missing in plist" after working through your tutorial.

Can you shed any light as to why I might be seeing this error when I try to run the app in Fusebox?
Ah, it looks like you are right, Facebook has updated their developer interface. I will work to get the tutorial updated. 

As far as you specific issue. What is your App Id? I will take a look at your settings and see if there is anything on the RareWire side you might have missed. 


I deleted you last comment. You don't want to publish your facebook app id. I just want your RareWire app id. It is in the top right corner of the Studio WIRE Editor. 

Oh got it! Ha It is app #8536
I see what the issue is. The way Facebook works in WIRE now requires that your FaceBook App ID and permission set go into the plist when making a build. For this reason you can't test Facebook in fusebox, you will have to upload certs from your Apple Developer account and make an Ad-Hoc test build to check on this functionality.
Thanks for the feed back and it was great you were on the phone call today! Looking forward to making this a success.