Create/Develop for Android

jonlacey 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 1
Hey I am new to your site (and very new to app development), but will be attending your event next Wed. When I go into the app developer I cannot click on android as far as my platform settings are concerned. I have seen it mentioned on your site that you are working on developing Android-compatible software, but I have also seen that I should be able to test and create using an android- just not publish. But if I can't click android in the platform setting how is this possible...? I can access the simple example apps, but the fusebox wont seem to load the web source example. Any suggestions? Or any update on when this will be possible? Thank you
Thanks for the question.

Currently our Android publishing offering is not yet pushed to the Studio. In the meantime, you can write WIRE code in our studio that can display on an Android device by downloading fusebox from the Google Play store and viewing the app through it.

Currently any app project that has iOS checked will also be available in the Android fusebox. Eventually we will turn on the checkbox and offer Android specific settings and publishing. Until that time you can build and test on Android and if you are ready to publish an Android APK, you will need to contact us at RareWire to help you do that.

Try the Web Example in the Android fusebox again, I corrected a small error.