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Posting to facebook

storycode 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 1
Is there some way to figure out whether sending a post to facebook was successful?
I made an app based off the tutorial that has logged in to my facebook account and successfully made a couple of posts. However now new posts are not appearing in my facebook account and I cannot see how to diagnose the issue.
It looks like the current version of Conduit has some issues dealing with stored preferences for facebook and twitter. In the next version of Conduit preferences will be stored on the App level and not on the Conduit level like it is now. This new version should be submitted for approval very soon.

A few things you can do to check for a successful post is to create an alert tag and place it at the point in your wire where the post occurs, this will give you an indication that the message is being sent to facebook from your wire. If that occurs then it might be an issue with Facebook accepting the post request temporarily.

You can also consider deleting Conduit from your device and reinstalling it from the App Store. I say this because you could have gotten a sticky preference, which is unfortunately stored on the conduit level and not the individual App level. This will be fixed in the next version that hits the store.