Will 200 preferences slow an app down?

dpotter05 6 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 6 years ago 3
I'm thinking about adding about 200 spots in my app where a user can set a preference by marking a piece of content by its color.  When a user goes to mark a preference the action would run through 200 if statements, and there would be 200 preference calls in the action set to oninit="yes".  And there would be five colors for each preference to be set to, which would mean the addition of about 1,000 lines of code.  Would this slow the app's start up and run speed noticeably?
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There could be potential for slow down depending on how you build it, but once a preference is set, it will be stored in the app's memory until the app is removed from the device, so unless you are updating that preference in every user session, it should be fine to use those values.