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Google Nexus (android) issues

sovtek 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 3
For my app "NFL Magazine", when viewing in Nexus 7, I noticed that when I scroll through pages, it's a bit choppy. Also, when I switch orientations, it takes a few seconds even to recognize the switch.. It's not smooth at all as within my iPad. Any idea why? Is this a Fusebox for Android problem, an Android problem, on a code problem?
Orientation switches on android is definitely not as smooth as on iOS because of the way Android handles loading of content. We are continually trying to minimize that. Make sure your app is on the most recent android engine in the platform settings and see if that helps. fusebox might cause a little overhead in that regard as well, so an adhoc build is a good way to test the performance for things like this.
Under the android checkbox, all that is available is "Android Testing 5".

The rotation is still very slow. If you remember from a while back, for my particular app we actually have to switch datasources to a landscape version when we rotate the device so that we can paginate with 2 pages at once time. This results in an extremely slow orientation switch within our app for android.
Are you testing this only in fusebox right now or have you made an Ad-hoc build?