Multiple Columns in TableView

Derek Berdine 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 3
We are trying to create a table. Each column is a product with each row representing characteristics across all products. We are trying to set this up using tableview, but have run into a couple of questions.

We have found a few different methods for creating multi-column tableviews, and we think building custom tableViewCells would be the easiest way to accomplish this, but we could use some guidance on how to accomplish this in RareWire.

The other part of this is, we need to be able to, through a couple of drop-down menus, be able to select rows or columns to exclude from the display, with the gaps automatically collapsing. I am pretty sure that the rows would auto-collapse, but I'm not so sure about the columns.

Has anyone done either of these things? We tried making everything out of panels, but there is no auto-collapse when panels were removed. We have also considered using multiple tableviews, one for each product/column, but there are performance concerns, especially when excluding/including rows.
The best solution we can offer is to do just what you have described and use multiple tableviews. We use this set-up in many other Apps without performance issues.

If you want to create the effect of collapsable columns, you would just alpha out, delete and translate the remaining tableviews into place.

You are also correct in that rows will auto collapse as you take them out of the datasource query by using an assign action.
I spoke with Dev on this issue and I am going to log a ticket and we will try and target this for the next Engine release.
Thank you, Ian. We came up with another option, too, but we'll probably try this as well, just to compare performance/appearance between the two.