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Margin values don't always work

storycode 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 1
It looks like if you set individual margin values but not all four (margin-left, margin-top, margin-right, margin-bottom) that some or all of them will not work.

Here is a simple example:


<panel name="body1" width="50%" height="100%" background="#ff0000">
<text name="text1" align="left" valign="bottom" margin="20" width="150" lwidth="200" height="150" background="#00ff00"
text="TEST type:text, name:text1, align:left, valign:bottom, margin:20"/>

<panel name="body2" align="right" width="50%" height="100%" background="#ffffff">
<text name="text1" style="text" align="left" valign="bottom" margin-left="20" margin-top="20" margin-bottom="20"
width="150" lwidth="200" height="150" background="#00ff00"
text="type:text, name:text1, align:left, valign:bottom, margin-left:20, margin-top:20, margin-bottom:20"/>


It makes a left and right column each with a text box which should be bottom left aligned but with a 20 pixel margin on the left and bottom. The text box in the right column does not have any margins.

Note that if 'margin-right="20"' is added to the second text box then it will honor the left and bottom margins.

This has been reported verbally but wanted to make sure that it was tracked somewhere in case other people are having difficulties.
Thanks Gavin,

Sorry for the late response to this ticket. We are aware of the issues with the margin features and service tickets have been created to keep track of them.

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope these get resolved soon.