Keith Hanson 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 2
Any pointers on how to debug your XML? Are there any logging utilities at the very least? At the very best, do we have any potential breakpointing?

From a wire perspective, if your build is invalid, you should be seeing an iOS alert modal that comes up within the simulator informing you of an error. If you are not seeing this, please let us know.

As for validating an entire XML file, probably the quickest way to do that is to open in firefox and it will validate the XML for you. I know this is an external fix, but we will look into a stronger in house solution in the future.
Yep, definitely am getting line numbers, which helps, but on occasion I simply get a crash over and over and have to go hunting :)

This is something we've dealt with in other frameworks that causes a good deal of pain (lack of debugging tools), and I was hoping you guys had some secret sauce for that :) If not, I totally understand, but that would definitely be a killer feature.