Ad Hoc Builds are failing

jakelisby 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 10
I duplicated our single app environment to so that we can each have our own environment to develop in and used the same Certs for each app environment. For some reason on the original environment I can create Ad hoc builds like normal, but the other environments keep failing when they try to build.

All of the settings are the same, and the files are exactly the same as well. Any idea what's going on there?

more often than not it is the lack of bundle ID on the settings page. If that isn't the case, let me know what the App ID is and I will take a look. It is the 4 digit number you use for FTPS login.
Yup, I'm good with the app bundle ID and it matches the one on the app that is able to create a build.

Here are the ID's that aren't able to build:
Let me check with a developer this morning on the issue. This is looking like a bug on our end.

Did you make a snapshot of this app in fusebox or the studio before you tried your build? It looks like that small detail caused your failure.
Nope, I hadn't. I just did though and there are 2 running in the Dewsly Jake app, but the one in Dewsly Demo is just saying waiting... No progress in a while
So it took about an hour, but the Dewsly Demo app Ad Hoc build finally failed. The Dewsly Jake ones are still running, and I just started another, but it's failed now too.

Any advice?
Jake, hover over the word "Failed" and tell me what the tooltip says.

Also refresh my memory on which App IDs are which.

And sorry, the app id's are Dewsly Jake is 2393 and Dewsly Demo is 2394

Try your builds again. That error is indicative of an error on our end and it should have been corrected. Sorry about that.
Now we're cooking with propane! Thanks Ian and you have a super duper day!