Call action when pager item hits specific x coordinate

sovtek 7 years ago updated by thillsman 7 years ago 5
Is there a method of triggering an action when a pager item is swiped to a certain x coordinate within a pager? I have a row of images within my pager. I'd like when an image hits a certain x coordinate, call an action which shows information on that particular image.
In our next WIRE engine release (1.5) we have implemented a pixel attribute for the scroll action. It honors the animated attribute just like the page attribute would.


In the meantime you will have to rely on using scroll to trigger on a specific page inside of a pager.
Ian, do you have an ETA on the 1.5 release?
Did you not receive my email? I sent it to you on May 10th.
I've been dreaming about this feature for months. Can't wait for 1.5!