Change the spotlight name of my during update.

steve 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 6
I'd like to shorten the name of the app as it appears on the ios desktop below the icon. I checked the apple developer forum and they said that you can do this by changing the bundle display name. Is this possible to adjust in the rarewire studio?
You can change the name of the App in the Studio, but in order for it to update to the end-user, you will have to publish a new IPA with the new bundle name and resubmit to Apple. Unfortunately for things like Splash screens, icons and App names, Apple requires a resubmission.
Thanks but I'm more curious if I can change the display name without changing the name that displays in the itunes store. Does that make sense?
The name that displays in the App Store is set in itunes connect, so as long as you don't update that you should be ok.
Ok got it thanks.
I just want to get this straight. I did not choose my app name wisely. It is too long to fully display under the icon. Can I keep the same Bundle ID and simply change the app name in the meta data section of itunes connect? or do I have to do a new Bundle ID and change all my certificates in order to change the name of my app?
The App "Display" name under the icon is stored in the plist of the App and as such, you only need to change it in the RareWire Studio on the General page on the App.

Once you do that you will need to build a new IPA to submit to Apple. Any changes to the plist, such as App Name and icons or splash screens require a new IPA submitted to Apple.