Just checking on the status of the maps URL for the load tag

thillsman 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2
So I've been reading through the load tag documentation (http://content.rarewire.com/wordpress...) and it's pretty awesome. But I just wanted to check on the status of the maps URL. It says it's not working in iOS 6 yet, but I was wondering when it might, or if there was a workaround to open an address in the maps app.
That is a really good question. Glad you are checking out the load tag, it is pretty powerful.

As for the map URL, b/c of the move to Apple branded Maps, this feature works a little differently. It will jump the user out to google maps within mobile safari.

Unfortunately there really isn't a workaround until we make adjustments in the engine. I will dd some notes to the feature request and hopefully we will get to it sooner than later.
Thanks, Ian! You rock.

Also, for some reason it's actually working for me. Here's my code, in case anyone else wants to try it:

<action name="findonmap" >
<load url="maps://maps.google.com?q=[var:maddress]" external="yes" />

in which [var:maddress] is equal to "123+Main+St,+Kansas+City,+MO+64111" or a similarly structured address.

This is working for me on a 4S running iOS 6.0.1. Although the URL says Google, it's opening in the native Maps app.