How do I go about creating in-app purchases and what do I need to know to do so?

thillsman 8 years ago updated by sovtek 7 years ago 5
Ok, this is a broad one. I'm ready to build an in-app purchase into my app. I'm assuming I need a trigger (a button in my app) to prompt a screen to ask for confirmation (do I build this or is it an alert box?) and the code that will display once the in-app purchase is purchased (a sub-wire?). I should have a place for people to restore previously purchased features as well, right? And I probably have to set up something with Apple.

Where do I start? :)

(For context, I'm making the select-a-color square in Pixel Artist a 99?¢ feature.)
I will follow up with you on this question for the WIRE additions, but for starters you will need to create "products" on the Apple side in itunes connect (http://developer.apple.com/library/ma...)

In-App purchases in our system are basically paid sub-wires, which are created and edited from the In-App tab of your App settings. You can load them into an IDE with FTPS just like any other App, FTP instructions are in the WIRE editor after you create them. You will want to name them the same as what you name the products in Apple.

Also get familiar with the load tag as it will contain all the attributes you will need to introduce in-app purchases in your WIRE. (https://studio.rarewire.com/wordpress...).

To Be Continued...
Concerning my storefront magazine app...

The app will be updated with issues as time goes on. Within the main.wire (storefront), we will have a list of the issues, a subscribe button at the top of the app, and a buy button under each issue.

So if I am following right, every time we want to add an issue to a storefront, we have to also add the product into iTunes connect first?

I have looked over the load function and see the attributes subscriptionid and productid. Are there any tutorials or videos that show how in app purchases and subscriptions can be done within the wire code?
Revisiting this. Anything?
I had sent you an email on Oct. 7th with an example of an In-app WIRE. Did you not receive it?