Calling an action onswipe(right or left depending on which end of the pager you are on)

jakelisby 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 4
Can you call an action when the user swipes against the end of a pager?

For example, view is on page1 of a pager and the user swipes backward (right).

I tried using an if statement to identify if the view is on page1, and then if so onswiperight perform an action, but it's not recognizing. Thoughts?
Let me run a test to check this out. It may be a matter of moving your onswiperight up to the container that your page1 object is in. I will get back to you in a little while.
The pager object is consuming all the swipe on attributes, so this is currently not a possibility.

Have you considered placed an onscrollto on the first and last page to invoke an action to let the user know they are at the front and back of the pager?
Yeah, my dilemma is we launch a subwire and allow the user to page through that one, when they hit the end of the pager I was hoping I could close the subwire and go back to main.wire. Doesn't look like that will work. So we'll figure out another route.

Thanks man!
You could use the onscrollto and then wrap the action in a sync block and add a delay to it? If you set it to 30 seconds or something then they would have a limited amount of time on the last page before the subwire closed. Might meet your needs.