loading external html limitations

dbdesign 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 3
we are using the following code to load an external html file. Note, the html file is located on the wire server.

<action name="htmlfile">
<load force="yes" file="demo.html" target="DEMOALIAS" />

It loads fine, but the demo.html has some external links in it, to web pages, youtube pages, etc. It appears that they get stripped out, is there anyway to get them to work?
Well this does seem like an interesting situation. I have tested this functionality and it appears to work on my end.

Any chance you can send me the html file you are using so I can test that as well?


Opps, I found the problem in my HTML. But it is actually opening inside the wire app, anyway to send to to Safari?
Once the html file is loaded in the App, you can jump out to safari using an onnavigation action coupled with a load tag that takes you to a defined URL, but this will happen on ANY click in the html file, so you can't define it for each unique clickable link in the html file.