Is it possible to use a number-only keyboard with a textfield?

thillsman 8 years ago updated by jenifercmartin 7 years ago 10
I'm building an app that does some calculations from numbers in textfields. Is there a way to use a numerical keyboard instead of the normal one? Also, does a keyboard with 0-9 and a decimal point even exist in iOS? (The numbers input could have decimals in them.)
Wire Engine 1.3 has been submitted to the store. It will allow you to add the following attribute to a textfield:


Currently you can select 1.3 from the studio, but you will need to build an Ad-Hoc to see these changes until the update to fusebox is available in the App Store.
You rock.

Hurry up, Apple! :)
I've updated my app and I'm using the numberpad, but is there a way to add a decimal point to the keyboard?

Also, I'm using the onreturnkeypressed attribute to close my keyboard, but this doesn't work on numberpad because there's no return key. Also, tapping off the numberpad doesn't hide it either. So it's essentially open until I close the app. Any suggestions?
You can hide the keyboard by using a keyboard action tag and the attribute "visible="no" " http://content.rarewire.com/wordpress...

Unfortunately these are native keyboard types, so we can't modify them. Here is a link to all the ones that are available:

Is there a way to select which keyboard face is visible when the keyboard comes up? So, rather than it appearing with the letters showing, it would appear with the numbers showing?
The only time you can determine the keyboard is when using the textfield object. Then you can utilize the kbtype attribute to select a different keyboard type.

At this time the keyboard action cannot specify a keyboard.
Ok. i think i am running into a similar problem that ian answered 5 months ago. the numberpad and phonepad keyboards have full functionality for the ipad, but very limited functionality for the iPhone.... most importantly, neither has decimals. So, that leaves the default keyboard, but it's awkward to have the keyboard show up for a textfield in which you want only numbers and then have to switch from the letters to the numbers. I was just wondering if there was a way to use the default keyboard (so that I could have decimals), but have it open up in the numbers face rather than the letters face (to lose an unneeded step for the user).
Are you looking for a solution for the iphone or the ipad?

On the ipad there is no concept of a number only keypad.

I do have a feature enhancement to add the keyboard with the decimal point for the phone versions of the keyboard, which I will reach out for a timeline on. I will look into seeing what we can do about offering alternate keyboards for the ipad.
Hey, just thought I'd chime in. I worked out my problem by using the Wavelength guys' custom number keyboards (https://getsatisfaction.com/rarewire/...). I modified them a bit by stripping out the currency button and transforming it to a decimal button (exact same concept as how the number buttons work).

Hope this helps!
Thanks, Tyler. It might help if I knew more what I was doing. I downloaded the files and thought, "wow. this might be useful to someone who had real skills." :) Is there an easy way for you to describe how I would incorporate the keyboard into my wire?