Fit attribute for text object

doug 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 12
I believe that I am having some issues with the fit="yes" attribute for a text object within my wire.

I have a text object that I am assigning values to after some mathematical calculations have been performed, but I am finding that depending on what values are ented in the calculations, the resulting number is too large to show in the text object.

So I thought that I would assign the fit="yes" attribute as outlined in the documentation to help fix this problem. However I am still running into the same problem. Does this attribute not work on text that has been assigned to it via an action, or am I simply not doing it correctly? A sample from my wire is below:


Apparently my code didn't come through. Here it is:

<text name="estimated-yield-field" alias="ESTIMATED-YIELD" style="result-text" height="fit" fit="yes" ypos="5" text="0"></text>
what does your style look like?

<style name="result-text" font="TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT" size="36" lwidth="155" width="155" lxpos="465" xpos="265" alignment="right" color="#492417" fit="yes"></style>
Try taking fit="yes" off of the text tag and only use the one on the style, it might be clashing since you have it twice.
Just tried it and no dice.
This is probably the result of the text tag not knowing what the actual height of the text tag is (since you are using height="fit") so it can't resize if it doesn't know that attribute. Change your height to something static and see if that allows the fit="yes" to trigger.
I did as you said, and after the action has been performed, the text is still not showing up.
can you please try adding your code again using the < brackets for your code block?
My code has been added above.

I tested this scenario using the code you provided above and it looks like there is a bug with fit="yes". I will see what I can do about getting this corrected, as it works on our Android engine.

In the meantime, can you use height="fit" to achieve your goals? I will follow up with you on Monday to let you know the status of this bug.

Unfortunately I can't use height fit due to certain circumstances. Thanks for the follow up. Talk to you tomorrow.
Just to give you an update, this bug is still in the queue. I will let you know when it is complete.