Fonts and other text styles

jakelisby 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 3
I was wondering how I would go about using a font outside the normal iOS provisions? Could I upload an opensource font and reference that?

Also, are you able to add a text shadow, font weight, and line height for the text?
Currently studio users do not have access to external fonts. Our text tag only supports iOS fonts and soon Android supported fonts.

Using external fonts requires an update to the plist of the App and while we have done this as custom work in the past for clients, this would be something that you would have to work with our team to price out and add for you.

As far as your other questions, we currently don't offer those features for text. I might recommend that you make your text an image instead to accomodate all these requirements.
I wanted to circle back and post back to the community on this one. You can do a text shadow using the panel tags. Here's the shadow I added to my text:
shadowradius="2" shadowopacity=".7" shadowxoffset="2" shadowyoffset="2"
Yes! That is my mistake, you can add shadows, just no defined font weight unless it is offered as part of a specific iOS font.