IF Features include "variables" SET object:Rick "happy"

tranger 9 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 9 years ago 1
I'd like to build some interactivity in pages that could include things like "find the missing four keys to move to the next page". If I could script with very basic variables the user could select the four keys in any order and have an action (move to next page) available automatically after the task is completed.

What I would like to do is:

On page start Set variable Count =0
On selection of the object Increase variable Count (+1)
IF Count = "1" Play sound one.wav
IF Count = "2" Play sound two.wav
IF Count = "1" Play sound three_one more to find.wav
IF Count = "1" Play sound four_you found all the keys.wav; Make object "next page button" visable

Any chance that could happen?
Happy Holidays and sorry for the delayed response.

Building an App in "Wire", our XML based description language affords you the ability to use statements on a common ontouch attribute set on your keys and updating a "current count" variable once a key is selected and the proper sound is played. This means that every time one of your keys is selected, the wire can behave as you expect. You will easily be able achieve the scenario above using our existing action tags.

In a few weeks RareWire will be launching a private beta of our App Creation Studio. Stay tuned into this community and we will announce how to sign up to give it a try yourself.