dropdown / combo box / selection box

sstava 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 1
Does WIRE support a drop-down selection box natively or does it need to be built? If it needs to be built, is there a snippet, tutorial or example I could reference?

The reason: I have a pager of items that my user can select to use or not use, individually.

If they slide an item out of the way, it means they don't want to use it. As such, I am looking to have a drop-down selection of reasons that might apply to why they didn't want to use the item.

The drop-down selection of reasons is "under" the item that gets slid out of the way and only becomes visible to the user after they have slid an item out of the way.

P.S. If there is a better way to manage this type of interaction, I am open to ideas
If you are using iOS only and have a toolbar tag implemented, you can use a popup tag (https://studio.rarewire.com/wordpress...). Otherwise you will have to build something yourself.

Check out this example here: https://studio.rarewire.com/wordpress...