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Import JSON file to populate local database

doug 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 8
I was wondering if it is possible to be able to import a JSON file (local or remote) and have it populate a local SQLite database within the app?

I ask because I would like to be able to take a CSV, convert it to JSON (which I found some Javascript that can do this) and the populate the database with this new data.
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You would have to query the json from the app just like any other time, only once you get the querycomplete, then you can insert those data points into a SQL query string in a new datasource. 

So it would look something like this:

<datasource name="json" source="www.jsonfeed.com" query="//" providertype="json" querycomplete="save-jsonstuff">
<datasource name="db" source="sql://jsonstuff" query="CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS JSONSTUFF (ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, TITLE TEXT, PAGE TEXT, THUMB TEXT);" providertype="sql"/>    <datasource name="db-list" source="sql://jsonstuff" query="SELECT * FROM JSONSTUFF ORDER BY ID DESC;" providertype="sql"/> 

<action name="save-jsonstuff">    <assign property="datasource:db.query" value="INSERT INTO FAVORITES (title, page, thumb) values ('[datasource:json.1.title]', '[ <assign property="datasource:db.query" value="INSERT INTO FAVORITES (title, page, thumb) values ('[datasource:json.1.page]', '[ <assign property="datasource:db.query" value="INSERT INTO FAVORITES (title, page, thumb) values ('[datasource:json.1.thumb]')" />    
<assign property="datasource:db-list.query" value="SELECT * FROM JSONSTUFF"/></action>
Ok, great. That is exactly what I needed.

Now, what if I wanted to take this data that was in the table, construct a new JSON feed based on the data in this table, and push it back to Parse. Almost like a synching function. How would I go about doing that?

In that case you may consider using the datasource properties of add and removeindex. You can read about those here: 

These only work for JSON. 
<assign property="datasource:datasource1.add" value='{"url":"_url"}'/>
<assign property="datasource:datasource1.removeIndex" value='3'/>

Ok I understand what the purpose of removing the index. However what does the assign with the value of 3 do? I am still trying to access the response code that Parse sends back when you are logging in.
3 would be the third value in the datasourceindex. Or an item in the datasource list.  
Makes sense, however I am still getting the same results as I was before. As far as I can tell, nothing is changing. The JSON response looks like this:

	"code": "101",
	"error": "invalid credentials"
and this is my action:
<action name="sign-in" datasource="parseLogin" datasourceevent="querycomplete">
	<assign property="datasource:parseLogin.removeIndex" value="1" />
	<alert message="[datasource:parseLogin.code]" />
and what I am trying to do is get the code.
You likely will not be able to removeIndex this json, b/c it doesn't belong to a user with auth to do that. 

To get the code, your alert should be: <alert message="[datasource:parseLogin.1.code]" /> 
Ok, I swear I tried that, but it looks like it's working now. Thanks for your patience.