How to turn keyboard off for a web tag?

sstava 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4
I have a full-screen panel that contains a web tag and a panel that has a button that allows me to translate the screen away (close the screen). 

To start, I have google.com displayed in the web tag. If you tap in the google search textfield you get the keyboard, as you would expect.

If you use the screens close button to translate the screen away the keyboard stays up. 

I can't figure out what the target should be for closing the keyboard that was opened based on a textfield in the web page (google.com)


Is this on an iOS or Android device? I will mock up a sample and see if I can replicate the scenario. 
I can replicate what you are seeing if I don't clear out the URL on my close action. It holds the keyboard, seemingly because the textfield is still active. 

What you can do here is add this to your close webview action:

            <load url="about:blank" target="WEB" />

Thanks! Works great.