Does RareWire have support for image masking?

jralston 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 7
Can it do anything like this?
You can use an attribute called clip="yes" to crop an image or child within its parent, so you could achieve this effect. For now you would be bound to the dimensions of a panel as the parent or mask, so you could only do squares/rectangles with radius or borders set.

You could probably create an image of an odd shaped border with a transparency in the middle and place an image underneath it in the z order. I believe this could achieve the same effect. They image underneath would have to be roughly the same size as the masked image or smaller.
That doesn't sound like it would work if I want to achieve a blurred-edges effect.

What I want to do is have an image on the bottom, then a masked image above it where I can move the mask around the page. And I want the edges of the mask to be blurry.
You could create a smaller transparent image to layer on top of a larger image and set a draggable attribute on it. This could give the effect I think you are looking for.
So the bottom image will be some text blurred out. The masked image that sits on top of it will be the same image with text, but not blurry, so as you move the mask around, it looks like the image is becoming clear.

I think what you are describing is having an image and then on top of that another image with some transparency and I would move that image around, but I don't think that will achieve the effect I am looking for.
I could grey out some text this way, but I couldn't make it blurry.
Let me get back to you on this issue. I am sure we can come up with a workaround for this.
As we continue to make updates to the engine, we have plans to create a new object tag called canvas, that will allow some masking functionality.

This should be headed into our next engine update, so stay tuned on this one!