How do I push an updated app to users?

jralston 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 5
I have updated the an app and can see my changes in Conduit. However, one of my coworkers does not have Conduit but does have the old version of the app. How do I get the app on his iPad to update?
If you simply want to test the App, I would recommend adding your colleague as a collaborator to the portfolio where your App lives. Avoid giving them any of the additional permissions. Then direct them to check their email and create a new account with RareWire.

Once they have done that, have them download Conduit from the App store and log in with their Studio account. They should be able to launch your App, but have no ability to edit or change it.
If you want to take testing a step further, you can create a distribution cert and a provisioning profile on the Apple Developer site. make sure you add your colleague's Device ID to the cert, then create an Ad-Hoc build from the Build section of the App Creation Studio.
It's my vice president and he doesn't want to do a demo out of Conduit. Matt had helped him get an app on his iPad and we just want to updated it.
OK, I will try the Ad-Hoc Build.
After you create the build, you will be taken to the build logs, and it might take a few minutes to show up in the list.