Question on datasource webinar

steve 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 3
I was watching the datasource webinar and have a couple of questions on how I need to change the queries in order to reflect a slightly different feed structure.

In the webinar, the global post image nodes are structured like this http://imageurl.jpg. However, the feed that I'm working has a url= in front of the image url and it looks more like this . My question is how to alter the query. Does it need to look more like the image query in the "intro to datasources tutorial"

Also, in my feed some of the posts have several images. The are all tagged like
image title. Is there a way to call these images using some sort index parameter the way you can call feed items?

Please let me know if these questions are unclear.
Can you post a link to your feed or email it to me so I can see the content in question?
Sure the examples of the node structure didn't come out right in the question but the feed link is here-

Here is a quick WIRE to show you one way to do it. Make note of the object tag, that is where the guts are:

<datasource name="field" source="" query="//item" providertype="xml" parsenamespaces="yes" />
<class name="article-list-item">
<panel name="article-[param:dataSourceIndex]" width="95%" height="20%" lheight="25%" _dataSourceIndex="[param:dataSourceIndex]" align="center" background="#ff0000" bordercolor="00ee00" borderwidth="3" >
<text name="headline" width="100%" height="50%" color="#eeeeee" font="helvetica" size="20" align="center" valign="top" alignment="center" text="[param:headline]"></text>
<text name="clip" width="90%" height="50%" color="#eeeeee" font="helvetica" size="15" align="center" valign="bottom" alignment="center" text="[param:author]"></text>
<image name="pic" alias="PIC" url="[param:url]" height="150" width="150" valign="bottom" background="000000"></image>
<panel name="bg" width="100%" height="100%">
<panel name="list-container" width="100%" lwidth="95%" height="100%" align="center" clip="yes">
<list name="list" datasource="field" width="102%" lwidth="102%" height="100%" align="center" orientation="vertical" paginate="no">
<object class="article-list-item" dataSourceIndex="[param:dataSourceIndex]" headline="[param:title]" author="[param:author]" url="[datasource:field.[param:dataSourceIndex].media:thumbnail/@url]"/>
<action name="oninit" oninit="yes">
<sync loop="no" startdelay="0">
<assign property="datasource:field.source" value="http://ecopassion.net/feed/?source=xml" />