Attributes for android textfield

jenifercmartin 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 6
Can I get rid of the yellow border around the android textfield? Also, can I change the field color in the android textfield? Finally, multiline does not seem to work in the textfield. Is there a different attribute in android to get the text to wrap around in the textfield?
Text is certainly not handled as smoothly in Android as it is on iOS.

We currently have a bug report in for the yellow border issue as well as adding the fieldcolor attribute to the Android engine.

Multiline should work on Android, can you provide a snippet of your textfield tag for me to test?

<textfield name="textfield" alias="FACEBOOK-TEXTFIELD" width="100%" height="57%" align="center" bottomof="toolbar" topmargin="6" fieldcolor="#6d84b4" font="Roboto" multiline="yes" size="22" color="#F2F0EE" alignment="left" valignment="top" padding="6" text="" onreturnkeypressed="close-fb" ></textfield>

I opened your app and looked at the facebook textfield on an android device and multiline worked as expected.

I also took this snippet into a new app and it too functioned as intended.

Can you give me a little more detail and maybe a screenshot of multiline not working? What device are you testing on?
I can't replicate the problem I was having either. Multiline is working just fine. Thanks.
Nevermind. The multiline attribute sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Here is a screenshot from the facebook textfield
Okay I will try and make a sample wire to replicate this issue and then log a bug.