Android Fonts

jenifercmartin 7 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 7
What is the syntax for variations of native android fonts? I want a bold font; either Roboto or Droid will work. But, after many permutations of combing "Roboto" and "Bold", capitalized/lower case, with/without hyphen, with/without a space, nothing changes.
Android definitely handles fonts differently and only comes packaged with standard Roboto. Everything else is treated like a custom font and has to be added to the root level of your project. Luckily, the Roboto font is free to download.

Follow this link and add the bold version to your project: http://developer.android.com/design/s...

I have the same issue as Jenifer. What is the syntax, say for Serif and its variation? Tried SERIF-BOLD, Serif-Bold, SERIF BOLD, etc.

Thanks a lot!
The name of the font should always be the "full name" of the font. This can be found by looking at the info for the custom font file you uploaded to the root of your project.
Thank you guys. Jenifer - Thank you! Actually trying to use Andriod's included Serif Bold. S'pose I can just add a ttf file and go from there.

Thanks again!

RareWire doesn't support Android lower than Ice Cream Sandwich which is why Droid Serif was not initially working for you. You can however download it here: http://www.droidfonts.com/droidfonts/ and use it as a custom font. 
I just did an adhoc build, and my custom fonts did not show up. I messed with all sorts of stuff. Finally, I tried undoing step 4 above.... ignoring the instructions to remove the file designator from my font file name. So, my font file in the root folder is now named "Roboto-Bold.ttf", just like android gave it to me. Additionally, in my wire I used "Roboto-Bold.ttf" for my font name. It now works in both my adhoc build and in fusebox. So, it's worth trying that.
Yeah the font asset in your project folder should always have the extension. The font name in the wire code itself may or may not need it.