Free in-app purchases?

steve 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 1
We want to make one of our in-app purchases free but it appears that itunes connect won't let you charge anything less than 99 cents for an in-app purchase. I'd just throw the in-app purchase into the main app but my main app is already over 90 MBs and the purchase is over 30 MBs so I think that is out. Does anyone have any ideas on how to tackle this?

The way you want to approach "free" in-app purchases is pretty easy. Basically when you create the new product in the App Creation Studio, you can give it any name you want (since it doesn't have to match itunes connect) and then check the box for "free download".

Then you create your WIRE as normal. When you are ready to introduce the product to your App, then you will just make sure you add the app token and set your "buy/free" button to your download action and not purchase action.

This accomplishes a few things. One, it doesn't call out to Apple. And two, it stores the product on the RareWire server and you won't have to take the hit on the size of your App. It will download with a progress bar just like your paid products.