Image amination

alprom.rs 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2
What is the best way to animate just one image, with control of your position and speed?
I want just to make a loop crawl of a image (moving from left to right, in the end return to the first position), controlling their speed, with some buttons.

I would recommend using a sync block that contains at least two translate actions and a delay attribute.

<action name="translate">
<translate align="left" valign="bottom" time="2" curve="linear" />
<translate align="center" valign="center" time="2" curve="easeout" />

As far as controlling their speed, I would like some more details surrounding that request.
Thanks for the answer,

About speed control , means the speed of the image movement, The time from the beginning to the end, when the image (small picture jpeg) cross the screen.
But I believe I can do this changing the time value above. (time = "2" or time = "5", etc..).
In others words, the image has only one ypos, and the xpos is increasing from the beginning to the end of the screen.
And the xpos change n1 pixels to the right and waits t1 m seconds to change again. Changing t1 I can change the time and speed. The image cross the screen about 2 seconds and start again. It seams the image has a continuous movement.