Linker error - library not found for -lz1.2.3

Keith Hanson 9 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 9 years ago 2
I'm getting an error when compiling RareWire samples. Screenshot of the issue here: http://d.pr/Tp5V

Any advice?

Ah, actually, I managed to fix this by re-linking zlib to the current zlib version in iOS 5.0.

Do you think this will cause instability (is there a reason you linked directly to 1.2.3 and not to the generic zlib.dylib)?

Thanks! I'm up and running now!
I am glad you figured this out, you did exactly what you needed to do. This will not cause any instability.

The reason for this issue, most likely is that the sample wire you got has not been updated to 5.0 yet. I apologize for that.