Border, corners, and page turning

jakelisby 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 4
If there are instructions or tutorials that I'm missing, feel free to point me in the right direction...
#1 Can you specify only one side of a panel to have a border, or is required that the border is on all sides?
#2 Can you specify which corner have a border radius or can you only do all corners?
#3 Are there instructions on how to use the page curl animation and on what can you use is?

Let me address these in the order you presented them:

1) Currently the border attribute is required to appear on all sides. However you can get around this by creating a panel and layering it underneath the panel or image you want to display a one sided border on, give it a background color and make it a little longer on the one side you need. These two object will probably have to live as siblings inside of something else so you can align them properly.

2) Same rules apply as in one, cornerradius must apply to all corners. If you require something to have only one or two corners rounded, you may consider making that an image.

3) All of our WIRE definitions have a small piece of sample code to show you how to create each specific tag. In this case, the reveal tag can be found here:
I see that the animation goes from top-bottom or visa-versa, but can it go from left-right and visa versa? I'm trying to use it as a page turn animation and up-down won't make a lot of sense...

I guess I should say that I'm more looking for a transition vs just a page curl animation. I'm hoping this can work like native functionality where the user can even stop mid swipe and put the page back to where it was. So I don't want the animation to just go ahead and play out...

Any thoughts?
The page transition that you speak of is an ibooks feature and we unfortunately do not offer it. Our current set of transitions can be found in the replace tag documentation.

I will log a feature request for it.