Display : Iphone or TV Screen

alprom.rs 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 5
How to play the video in the TV Video out? (composite, VGA or HDMI)?.
And more : How to choose the display? I want sometimes show a picture, video or Text in the Iphone display, But using a TV Cable I want to show this things in the TV Screeen.
Have you considered using Apple TV? This is the recommended method for this type of requirement.
Yes, I also want to use apple TV. I want all the possibilities COMPOSITE, VGA, HDMI and Apple TV.
Any device that the user of my App could have.
What is possible?
How to choose the Screen? (The own Ipod/Ipad display or external...)
Just play a video is good enought.

Video out is a feature of the device hardware and any App created in WIRE should not be affected. You just need to hook up the device to the TV using an approved cable or Apple TV and see the device screen mirrored to the TV.

Thank you for your reply.
I understand what you said, but I believe there is something else.
More then mirror, it ́s possible to have different images in Ipod Touch Screen and TV out. Like Youtube, when the controls is in Ipod and the Video on TV Out.
With VM PLAYER is possible to choose the video out with a virtual button in the Ipod screen, default Controls in Ipod and video in TV out. And MuMoni App shows different images in the Ipod and Video out, too.
I want to do something like this.
I see now what you are asking. So for the confusion. Unfortunately this is not a current feature in WIRE.

I would be more than happy to log this as a feature request and see if it can't get any traction in our next release cycle.