Get HTML content from the web tag?

sstava 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4
Can I get the HTML content from a web tag?

I am trying to manage an oauth process from a server perspective and the onnavigation (set at 'high' navsensitivity) doesn't give me enough info to determine the step of oauth I am in.

You can return the URL that is clicked in a web view based off an onnavigation action attribute.

<web name="hi" alias="HI" width="100%" height="100%" url="" pagetofit="yes" onnavigation="set-state"></web>
<action name="oninit" oninit="yes">
<assign property="object:hi.url" value="http://rarewire.com" />
<action name="set-state">
<alert message="[object:HI.navigation]"/>
I am doing that. I was hoping to be able to get to the page source of the returned html.
That is not currently possible in WIRE, but I can make a feature request for that.
Thanks. That would be great!