Cannot use assign to change the height of a panel

storycode 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 2
The docs indicate that you can use 'assign' to change the value of properties of objects such as panel.

However it does not seem possible to change the height of a panel - in the following example, I would expect tapping the box to resize it:

<panel name="box" alias="BOX" align="center" valign="center" width="300" height="400" background="#ff0000" onclickup="resize" />

<action name="resize">
<alert message="Trying to set height to 200" />
<assign property="object:BOX.height" value="200" />
Let me look into this and I will get back with you.
There was an error in the documentation, width and height are actually read only object properties. Sorry about that.

The preferred method to achieve what you want is to use the scale action with no time or a time of 0 defined.