New tool for finding coordinates and measurement in wire

dwalruff 8 years ago 0
I've created a measurement and coordinate finding tool in wire that I've found to be pretty handy when I'm trying to put elements on the screen. Using it has sped up my process quite a bit, instead of guessing and nudging panels into place I can pretty much get it the first time.

There are some quirks to it though. The PDF tag is a little tricky, even though it may be set to width="100%" height="100%" the actual pdf may not be tall enough or wide enough to fill the space depending on orientation, which will cause a false read for coordinates. The PDF will be centered automatically so you just have to find out what the margins are around the PDF are. You can then use the measurement aspect to find out what the margins are and then subtract that much from the x or y to correct the issue.

It's just one class, object, and action that has to be added into your wire. You can put the object inside of anything that you want to find coordinates within, but usually I just make it the very last thing inside of the main tag.

Using it is pretty simple just drag it so the top, left corner is where you want to find coordinates and then swipe your finger over the X and Y (left to right works the best). There are some basic instructions in the comments.

Feel free to play with it, modify, improve it. Please share any improvements you make here.

Here is the DOWNLOAD