images appearing from other apps in my thumbnails????

tommody 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 21
after coding my pdf magazine to function with a pop up thumb nail menu, when viewed in fusebox I get thumbnail images from Atlantic magazine of which I have no affiliation. There are 3 Atlantic mag images for pages 1-3 then no images on the other 49 thumbnail slots
Very interesting. These must be leftover test assets living in the WIRE engine build. We removed a bunch of these when we came out of beta, and must have missed them. I will look into getting these removed.

In the meantime, these are probably showing up because you haven't correctly defined the name of the images you want in your thumbnail menu.
Have you seen this behavior in Ad-Hoc builds or just in Fusebox?
yeah sorry, i forgot to source the file and not just the image. and I don't know what the ad-hoc builds are. I've been away from the tutorials for 6 months building the PDF- now I'm ready to code and publish.

may I ask 2 more questions

I am getting an error null message for column 8 on my last line of code which is

also, I build my PDF's in Apple Keynote and on export it gives me 3 quality settings (good, better, best) which essentially doubles my file size. But I seriously can not tell a visual difference between good and best. I find the quality razor sharp in all 3 settings on the iPad. Do you have any idea what I'll gain by using best?
For PDF quality, it really depends on how image heavy they are, the more images the more layers and the time it takes to load, so size becomes an issue. If you test on a Retina iPad and it looks good when you pinch and zoom in, then you are in good shape. We sometimes say that "print-ready" pdfs are optimal, but really there is such a wide range of acceptable sizes and layers, that it is hard to nail down an exact metric other than make sure your dimensions match that of the screen (1024x768 or 2048x1536)
oops on the first question, it should read

I am getting an error null message for column 8 on my last line of code which is
You did not have a closing actions tag. usually when you get an error and it gives you a line #, look one line above it for something missing or in error. It should work now.

understood- now a question of web actions. I may have upwards of 30 web link actions in my magazine. They are not all located in the same page location and all to different web locations. Is there a more consolidated way to create these than is shown in the basic "web actions" tutorial or do I have to duplicate that same lengthy coding for each web action?

Finally, is there an action tutorial shows how to tap text on the magazine cover and takes you to that article page?
Ian - I've been on this link for most of the day. I am utterly lost here. Do you guys ever set up phone consults?

you are more than welcome to email me at community@rarewire.com
Did you watch the video within the topic? https://vimeo.com/38846256

It refers to the Mac OSX App, Preview. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2506

This might go faster if I can see your code. Can you invite me as a collaborator? icahill@rarewire.com

In order to see your WIRE, I will need build permissions please.
you now have build permissions

what version of the engine do you have listed in the settings page for your App in the studio? If it isn't on 1.3, I would move it there and this should correct the Atlantic issues.
Also can you tell me what the name of your images were for your thumbs when you were seeing the Atlantic images?
it is version 3.1.

Image names were pg1.png, pg2.png, pg3.png
sorry 1.3 version
I'll look into your responses but I did invite you

app DFM-issue1
you now have build permission