What event fires when focus goes to a textfield tag?

sstava 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2
I would like to slide a screen up (slightly) when the user puts the cursor in a textfield and the keyboard slides up.

The translate aspect of this is straightforward; what I can't figure out is what event fires when you put the cursor in the textfield.

I can capture the click outside of the textfield, because it is on a panel and I get the onclickup/onclick events that allow me to close the keyboard and slide the screen down.

As always, any thoughts are welcome

The only thing that is triggered when you click into a textfield is the keyboard open and that happens natively.

To solve this issue in the past we have done things like place a "mask" panel over the textfield that when clicked will trigger an action that will alpha out the mask, translate the textfield where you want it and target the keyboard action on the textfield to open the keyboard for that textfield.

Do that help?
That helps. Thanks!