Maps at Street Level

dbdesign 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 4
If I was wanting to pull maps up on a street level, say in a city, like Shreveport, LA, how would I with the demo code?

<datasource name="geo" source="http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/catalogs/eqs7day-M2.5.xml" query="//*[local-name()='item']" providertype="xml"/>

<class name="annotations">
<annotation name="office" location="[param:location]"
title="[param:title]" subtitle="[param:subtitle]" color="[param:color]" animatedrop="yes">
<panel name="test" width="100%" height="100%" >
<map name="map" alias="MAP" width="100%" height="100%" datasource="geo" type="satelite">
<object name="blah" class="annotations" location="[param:*[local-name()='lat']] [param:*[local-name()='long']]" title="[param:*[local-name()='title']]"
subtitle="[param:*[local-name()='description']]" color="green" lhs="[param:*[local-name()='lat']]" operator="!=" rhs="" />
<image name="button" width="10%" height="12%" source="search.png" onclickup="zoom"></image>
<action name="zoom">
<assign property="object:MAP.showuser" value="yes" delay="2"/>
<assign property="object:MAP.region" value="39.093606 -94.583316 39.093606 -94.583316"/>
<annotate target="MAP" location="39.093606 -94.583316" title="RareWire"/>
Unfortunately with iOS 6 coming out next week and Apple dropping Google Maps, there will no longer be a "street view".

The best you can do is reassign your region as close together as you can so it zooms in a close as the maps allow.
I wondered what would happen when IOS 6 came out.

So would that be the coordinates in this variable?
<assign property="object:MAP.region" value="39.093606 -94.583316 39.093606 -94.583316"/>
yes, the region property is read and write, so you can start it in your map tag at a certain "level" and use assign to zoom it to a new coordinate.
that worked, thanks