Is is possible to paginate a pager at a width smaller than the width of the pager?

thillsman 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2
Kind of a tongue-twister title. Here's what I want to do:

I want to show multiple columns in a horizontal pager (think column browser in OS X Finder or Hootsuite) and I want each column to snap to the left side of the pager (think Excel, where you can't have have a cell halfway showing on the left side). I've set my pager to 100% width, horizontal orientation, and paginate on. I've got five panels inside my pager, each 320 pixels (much thinner than the iPad viewport). When I check out the result in Fusebox, it creates my pager with my first panel on the left side, but it adds an area of blackspace until my second panel appears (offscreen at xpos of 100%). It's snapping between the panels, but it's impossible to see both panels at once.

I guess I could sum it up with this: with paginate off, my pager is 1600 pixels wide (320*5), with paginate on, my pager is 3840 pixels wide in portrait (768*5).

Any tips? :)

(My theoretical shot at a workaround: roll my own paginating actions. "When X is triggered, scroll to Y" etc)

paginate was created to only display one "page" or item in the pager at a time, so paginate is not going to get you the desired effect that you want in this case.

One option you could take is to place "filler" items inside of the pager to space your actual panels out to where you want them. This way you could use paginate="no" and still get the spacing correct. You would lose the snapping effect though.
Well that's not what I wanted to hear. :) I made due with an action that is triggered by onscrollto page X and that scrolls to page X. It's not perfect, but it give a little snapping effect, assuming you stop close to the dividing line between pagers. Thanks!