How can I modify version numbers?

thillsman 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 6 years ago 6
I've got my Apple Developer Account and I've produced an ad-hoc build, but I've noticed that my app version number is 2.3.1. How can I tweak that? I'm not sure if it's a Studio thing or an Apple thing.
Where is the version number you are referring to displaying? In our studio?
Actually I was checking out TestFlight and it shows the version of the build (I uploaded my ad-hoc build). I'm assuming this is the same value that displays in the App Store (but I haven't gotten there yet... maybe you can define the version upon submission). I may be way off base here.

So I did some digging. Our Engine Binary on new Apps starts at 2.3.1. This is a backend version that Apple looks for to determine if the App needs to be updated. Apple requires that Apps increment to a higher number anytime a build is made.

Our Release Build Provisioner has an auto increment feature that will take care of this for you, so you shouldn't have to worry about this number.

However, this version number is not the same as the user facing on in itunes connect. That is an arbitrary number that you set when you submit a new build for approval.

Does that make sense so far?

Our system DOES NOT auto increment Ad-Hoc builds at this time, so if you were to use Test Flight it will save over any older IPAs with the same 2.3.1 version.

What I can do is create a ticket for our Dev team to try and get A) the binary version to default to 1.0 and B) to set up auto-incrementing for Ad-Hocs.
Man, you did do some digging. Ok, cool. I'm most interested in the user-facing number, so it's all good. But it's a good thing you told me about the non-incrementing Ad-Hoc number, or I would definitely have been confused.

Thanks for typing up the ticket!
Does this info need updating? When I go to publish my app the version number is shown as 2.3 and is not editable. The popup help states the number should be the same as in iTunes Connect. Isn't that number (in iTunes Connect) what the user sees?
It is currently still working as described above, however you do have the option to change your binary version when you publish for the first time. It still defaults in our studio as 2.3, but if you have never made a build before, you can change it to 1.0 and it will then auto-increment based on that number moving forward. 

Unfortunately, if you make even a single build as 2.3, then you must always build higher than that out of the studio, so if you want to change it, you need to move to 2.4 or higher. The system will still assign a third number automatically. 

Now all that being said, the display version that users in the iTunes store see does not have to match this number. When you submit to the store you will see an alert to notify you that they don't match, but it is not required. 

So bottom line is that if you did not move to 1.0 on your first build then your binary version and display versions will not match unless your make your display version 2.3 or higher. Though, the end user should never see your binary version.