How to create a basic connection from a RareWire App to a datasource?

this-is-helpful 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 7 years ago 2
I'm not a technical expert so usually start developing by creating very basic functionality and then working up from there. With this in mind I'm trying to create a very basic App that publishes my twitter feed. I'm currently using the below Wire code and testing on an iPad via conduit with an 'Error ParserTagNameMismatchErrorLine: 29, Column: 8' appearing on load.

Any pointers into how to get a basic connection from a feed to an app going?

<!-- classes go here -->

<!-- main wire hierarchy -->

<!-- actions go here -->
I am not seeing the code. Try adding < code > blocks around the example.

Usually that error means that you have opened a line of code with a different name than it was closed with.

Are you looking at the tutorial on twitter? http://content.rarewire.com/wordpress...
Ah, looks like I need to up date the screen shot. The API Settings can now be found inside of the WIRE Editor under Settings.