Updating Content message displays when superwiring out to an action in main.wire

jakelisby 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 3
I have a subwire where I am supering up one level to main.wire to launch another action and when I do that, it's giving me the Updating Content message.

It happens when I call back to main.wire to attempt to launch another include on top of my current one. Have you ever seen this before or have any guidance as to what I can do to correct?
Is there a chance you can show me your WIRE, that would be helpful. Without the code, I might suggest that you add wirename="nameofwire.wire" to your load tags, otherwise the system will look for wire updates everytime.
Your suggestion was exactly correct... We were passing the wire file as a variable, but not when it was coming from the subwire. SO the load didn't know what to load. All's well now, and we're sitting pretty with this story. Thanks for your help man!
Awesome, glad it was a quick fix, you guys are really rolling!