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Is there any sort of wiki or anything that I might be able to contribute to as I work my way through the demo applications I'm building?

Opening up the documentation via the iPad is really awesome, but I'd love to have a quick reference that I can view via web browser. I'm currently diving into converting the ReferenceGuide.xml into a wiki format (http://d.pr/TPid) internally at Twin Engine Labs, but if I could help your efforts as well, then I'd be happy to.

Let me know if there's any avenues for this!
In the coming weeks we will put the finishing touches on a developer resource section of our App Creation Studio and that will contain help and training information that I am actively working to create.

I would love to hear your input on what types of things you feel would help other users in the long run. A lot of the issues you are coming across are specific to using the project in the XCode environment and many will not be required to use the App Creation Studio.

That being said, if you have specific topics you would like to see covered, by all means pass them along and I can make sure we include those.

Hello Admin,

I am a newbie (even so-called newbies are far away from me :)) in Android development.
It would be a GREAT help if you please share a link to your documentation where I can find very basic things like wire syntax, form elements, database handling etc. Btw, "More is better" :)

Subrata Sarkar

You can always access our documentation site from the main App Creation Studio. The link called "Developer Resources" in the top navigation bar will take you there. Additionally there is a link inside of our WIRE editor under "Help > Documentation.

Otherwise you can access it here: RareWire Documentation

Download Spark iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rarewire-spark/id6...
Download Spark Android:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rarewire.spark
Thank you Admin,
But the documentation page is coming to me in a very awkward way - no CSS, links are always taking me to 404 page (Page not found).
I was trying https://files.rarewire.com/wordpress/. Following is the representation of page.

All visited links are ending up at 404 page, e.g. https://files.rarewire.com/wordpress/using-fusebox...

Please help.
One more thing btw. I can see a small red icon at the top right corner which says I did not verify my email address. How can I do this? Don't think I really received any email with an "email verification link".

And if the email is not "verified" how come I am able to login?

Every help would be greatly helpful for me

Subrata Sarkar.


We've been making big changes to the internals of the studio lately, and it appears we may have run across some glitches in the process.  We'll look into this, and I'll get back to you.

This should be corrected now.