Is it possible to open a pdf in iBooks?

storycode 8 years ago updated by icahill (Administrator) 8 years ago 3
Is it possible to launch iBooks with the url of some externally hosted pdf file, so that it can be viewed and saved in iBooks?
The only way to achieve this is to give the user the option to open it in all compatible apps on their device using the attribute external="yes" within your load tag. This will pop a modal that will allow them to launch ibooks or any other app that supports pdfs installed on their device.
Thanks Ian.

If we have some html displayed in a web object and that html contains a link/url to a pdf file, is it possible to give the user the option to open the pdf in an external app like you show above rather than just have it open in the web object?

If it would help, we may be able to modify the url to the pdf file within the html to add some kind of prefix like 'itms-books:', etc.
You may be able to use the onnavigation="loadaction" attribute on your web tag to launch a load action that contains external=yes to provide the option to open the link in an external App.

To populate the URL in your load, use the object property of navigation (ex. object:myweb.navigation) which is a new read only object property for web tags.